2011 Project, the competition for the renovation and redevelopment of a historic fortress in the Romagna hills (Rocca delle Caminate).

The entire architectural project was developed by a group of architecture and engineering studios, as TREDISTUDIO,
we tried to give life to technical drawings and, with the studio Lucchi & Biserni, we worked on the interior project.
The production process started from technical drawings on Autocad and a rough exterior 3d (always on ACAD) that we cleaned and reshaped in order to integrate with the design elements.
For textures, we snapped several photos on the spot and then we have made and processed in Photoshop.
All the model was made in 3DsMax and rendered with V-Ray
The render were then post-processed in Photoshop, adding different elements like Jet, the swallows and the people and placing the color balance.

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